Skype Chats:           Children's Books by Douglas Evans

Suggestions for a Successful Author/Student Skype Chat:

     1. Have trial run with author beforehand to test connections.
     2. Have students prepare questions to ask author.
     3. Tell students to come up and face camera when asking questions.
        Tell them not to face the screen or computer.
		  Some teachers tape an X on the floor to show where to stand.
     4. Let author know what the children are viewing
         —a Smartboard, a projected image, or a computer screen.
     5. Let the author see the audience by facing camera toward students.
          I like asking questions and seeing hands raised
     6. Give a short introduction to students after making Skype connection for the author to hear.
     7. Tell the author know what books students have read and make sure author knows what book
         or books you want to talk about.
     8. Make sure author knows what state and time zone you are in and how long the chat will be.