MVP* Community Read:    uu

     MVP*: Magellan Voyage Project has been the featured book in many Community Reads 
and as a One School One Book selection around the country.
It's been rewarding to attend these events and, as a former teacher, to see 
the excellent curriculums drawn from MVP* and used at many levels throughout the school districts.


MVP* Community Read:


MVP: Magellan Voyage Project Study Guide: 200 page MVP: Magellan Voyage Project study guide available in pdf.

MVP:Magellan Voyage Project Guide Part 1: 16 daily lessons (pdf 7 mb)

MVP:Magellan Voyage Project Guide Part 2: math/social studies activities (pdf 12 mb)


MVP:Magellan Voyage Project Guide Part 3: language arts activities (pdf 9 mb)


yyyMVP* Internet Links: Internet sites used in researching MVP*.

MVP*: Magellan Voyage Project: Interactive Map!

Watch MVP*: Magellan Voyage Project: Slide Show!

MVP*: Magellan Voyage Project: List of places Adam wants to visit in the world!

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