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Classroom Creatures

1. School Day Begins (video) Lyrics
2. Cuts (video) Lyrics
3. Irene, Tetherball Queen (video) Lyrics
4. Pledge (video) Lyrics
5. Messy Desk Pest (video) Lyrics
6. Teachers' Pets (video) Lyrics
7. Boy With His Head  Down (video) Lyrics
8. Miss Tra-La-La  (video) Lyrics
9. Gone High Tech (video) Lyrics
10. Hot Dog Song (video) Lyrics
11. Ticonderoga 2 (video) Lyrics
12. Chatterbox (video) Lyrics



Math Rashes and Other Classroom Itches

1. Math Rashes (video) Lyrics
2. Homework Load (video) Lyrics
3. Anta Claus of Antarctica (video) Lyrics
4. Opra, Our Opera Diva Bus Driver (video) Lyrics
5. Classroom Stew  (video) Lyrics
6. Spot (video) Lyrics
7. Upside Down Playground  (video)  Lyrics
8. When Chuck Threw Up (video) Lyrics
9. California Schools (video) Lyrics
10. Dad's Going to Make It (video) Lyrics
11.  Noise Expert (vide0)  Lyrics
12. Leaving Grade Three For the Sea  (video)   Lyric



1.  Mouth Moths (video) Lyrics
2.  Losing Touch  Lyrics
3.  Homework Gnome (video)  Lyrics  
4.  Fire Drill (video) Lyrics
5. School Bored  (video) Lyrics
6.  When Teacher Blew Her Top (video) Lyrics 
7.  Catchiest Tune    Lyrics
8.  My Journal  Lyrics
9. Jerome's Lunch  (video) Lyrics
10. Winslow, the Wild Wheelchair Driver  (vide0) Lyrics 
11. Shrinking Teacher   Lyrics



Extra Credit

1.  Chalk Dust Genie (video) Lyrics
2.  Class Pictures  (video) Lyrics
3.  Zachary Zucchini (video) Lyrics
4. Hans' New Clothes (video) Lyrics
5. In the Library Reading (video) Lyrics
6.  Substitutes   (video)    Lyrics
7.  Field Trip Song  Lyrics
8.  26 Assistants (video)  Lyrics
9.  Half-Heartedly (video) Lyrics
10. Our School Secretary  (video)  Lyrics
11. Yes, You Can (video)  Lyrics

  Morning Recess

1.  Classroom at the End of the Hall  Lyrics
2.  Two Too Many To's  (video) Lyrics
3.   School Turkeys (video) Lyrics
4.   New Birthday Song  Lyrics
5.   Punctuation (video) Lyrics
6.   Bunny Ears (video) Lyrics
7.   The Other Witch   Lyrics
11. Apple Island  Lyrics

 Elevator Family Musical

1.  Otis--Wilsons (video) Lyrics
2.  Way the World Works--Mr. Brown    Lyrics
3.  Sometime--Gavin & Cathy  (video) Lyrics
4.  Oui, Oui-Oui-Mrs. Goldengate   (video)   Lyrics
5.   Party Song-Wilsons       Lyrics 
6.   Never Kidnap a Kid-Kidnappers (video) Lyrics
7.  Best Things in Life-Ensemble  Lyrics
8.   Elevator Music Waltz (incidental music)

     Elevator Family Musical Mixtape





1. Bedbugs
2. Sandman
3. Tooth Fairy
4. Night Mare
5. Nice Dream Man
6. Bogeyman
7. Jack Frost and the Stork
8. Up and At'em
9. Bedbugs redux

*Bedbugs Suite*



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