Teacher  Links :           

  Start a class blog!  It's an easy and fun way to share the class' stories with many people.
	You can even share pictures and voices.  http://www.blogger.com/home
 Amazing way for your class to view the world!  Google Earth!

 Cool way to study United States geography!  Google Maps!

   Talk to any other class in the world for free that has a computer and broadband connection.
this is simple and very cool.  All you'll need is a inexpensive head set for your computer.

  Students often buy the guiness book of World Records book that can quickly become outdated.
Have then check this out: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/

  Many classrooms are starting their own podcasts.  Listen to some from the  I-tune podcast directory,
 or try this link from the UK: http://www.ipodcast.org.uk/

  A videoblog or vlog is another quick and easy way for a class to publish projects, plays, or any visual production
 on the Internet.  Get started here: http://videoblogging.info/

 Cool way to explore maps for class projects!  Google Flickr mashups!