WT Melon's Writers' Workshop:            

Writing tips !


"How come teachers call it Writers' Workshop when we only work and never get to shop?"

"To, two, or too. There are two too many to's to choose."

"The spelling rules says i before e. But Albert Einstein broke that rule twice just writing his name."


"I've been so busy, I can't think of anything to write about."

"Why are reading, writing, and aritmetic called the three R's when 
only one of them starts with R?"




"When I write a story, I like sticking etc. on the end,
 so my teacher thinks I know a lot more than I do..."




Stop run-on sentences!

  "Teachers tell me to mind my p's and q's.  But which one is which?"


"I always use my worst handwriting when I write a story. That way my teacher can't tell what a crummy speller I am."







"The teacher told us to write an SA, but I don't know what SA stands for!"








"Never trust a student who looks you square in the belly."







One way to spruce up your handwriting
is to use one of these t crosses or i dots. (click here) 
Better yet, make up your own. Teachers will think you are brilliant. 

Once upon a time...Twice upon a time...