What Creatures Could Be Lurking In Your Classroom?*:   
                   *from Classroom at the End of the Hall; Math Rashes, and Other Classroom Tales;
                      and Mouth Moths, More Classroom Tales! (roll cursor across images)













Chalk-Dust Genie:

Be careful anytime the teacher asks you to go outside and clapped chalk dust out of the erasers. That's when the Chalk-Dust Genie appears. He'll be bobbing up and down right in the dust cloud you create. He might seem helpful and grant you three wishes. But watch what you wish for! This genie has a few tricks under his turban. top

















Messy-Desk Pest:

The Messy-Desk Pest makes himself a guest in any desk that is messed. And oh, how miserable he can make the schoolday for any student's desk in which he lives.
So you've been warned! Once a class has cleaned out their desks, the pest leaves and heads for the next classroom with messy desks. It could be yours! top


Here's the song Messy Desk Pest (Video)! Listen and Watch















Dilly and Dally, the Doodles:

Dilly and Dally are doodles who will do all your schoolwork for you. The whole kit and caboodle. Trouble is, they don't know when to stop! top




















Ticonderoga 2:

Ticonderoga 2, also known as Ti-2, is a six-sided, banana-yellow character who roams around classrooms looking for lost pencils. What he finds, he grinds! So what does Ti-2 do with the pencil shavings he makes? He loads them in his sack and takes them to the great chefs of Pennsylvania. That's where they cook the fabulous Pennsylvanian cuisine. Ever tried pencil-shaving pizza? Pencil-shaving pasta? Deeeeelicious! top

Here's the song Ticonderoga 2 (video)! Listen and watch



















Mary's Little Lamb:

It followed her to school one day, school one day, school, day! And that certainly was against the rules. But Mary hadn't the slightest idea where that pesky Little Lamb came from. top















Miss Tra-La-la:

Miss Tra-la-la, the new art teacher,
has a surprise for the class as soon she takes off her wraps.
Anyone who hates to draw,
for some reason enjoys drawing her.
You should see her family and pet dog!
They're all from the sticks.

Here's the song Miss Tra-la-la (video)! Listen and watch

















Fairy Godteacher:

Every student in every school has a Fairy Godteacher.
Search your library or classroom and you may find yours.


















Other Witch:

Do you think you might be the ugliest creature at your classroom Halloween party? Not if the Other Witch drops by for a visit. She's "est"-- the creepiest, scariest, sneakiest, and ugliest. top























Mum's the word! Zip those lips! Hold your tongue! Play the Chatterbox Game! Say fewer than one hundred words today at school, and maybe you too can win the big prize! top

Here's the song The Chatterbox (video)! listen and watch





















This little round guy might appear on your desktop
to help you during Writer's Workshop.
He'll hide at the end of a sentence or above j's or i's.
And if you ever have Writer's Block, Spot might bring you a surprise.

Here's the song Spot! Listen























Homework Gnome:

So here's the deal. The Homework Gnome will do your homework in exchange for one of your senses. You have five of them, right? But what will happen when you run out of senses to exchange? top

Here's the song Homework Load! Listen

















Bug In Your Ear:

Wouldn't it be nice to have a Bug-In-Your-Ear? Some tiny thing that would whisper answers to you whenever you needed them in class. That sure would stop your need from copying off a neighbor's paper. But not so fast! Relying on others too much has its consequences. top


















Moe, The Test Tester:

The Underground Iowa Testing Site is looking for agents to tests test and examine exams during Test Week at your school. If you're one of those students who question tests instead of letting test questions you, Colonel Cram from ITS could use your assistance alongside Agents Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moe. top
















Anta Claus of Antarctica:

Only boys and girls on Anta Claus's Can't List can see this skinny man with a bushy black beard who wears a fuzzy black suit fringed with white fur and a floppy pointed hat with a white cotton ball on the tip. top

Here's the song Anta Claus of Antarctica (video)! Listen and watch














Bob, the Spelling Worm:

Do you hate story writing, because your spelling is so poor? Maybe Bob, the Spelling Worm can help with your writing, so you can let those ideas flow. top




















Old Gray Chair:


Can't stay seated? Being able to tame the Old Gray Chair might help you. Some of the best chair riders in the West, such as Wild Bill Keester, have been thrown by this chair during the great Chair Rodeos. top
















Playground Court:

Hear ye! Hear ye! Order in the court! Please slide up to the bench! Playground Court is now in session. Judge Jungle Gym presiding. top





















Do you have a classmate who never shares? Maybe Shadow Rabbit will appear on your classroom wall. That sure is a sure cure for selfishness. top



















Burp, the School Alarm:

Are you itching to tattle-tale, snitch, or squeal about something in your classroom. Burp might help you to mind your own business. top




















Purple Reader :

Don't be discouraged if you're a poor reader. All it takes is a spark to set you off and begin reading like a pro. That spark might be finding the Purple Reader on a shelf in your classroom reading corner. top


















Rainbow Glove :

Keep your hands to yourself! Don't touch! Hands off! Do you love feeling things in your classroom that you're forbidden to touch? Well, finding the Rainbow Glove in the lost and found box could cure you of that. top











Sub Dude:

When Subdude gets The Call at his substation on Sub Isle, he submerges in his submarine and sails to the nearest subway stop and takes the subway out to the suburbs prepared to teach any subject to his subjects from subtraction to subatomic particles. top


"Today we won't do things your teacher's way. We'll do them the sub way!











Mouth Moths :

Do you have Mouth Moths -small pink, W-shaped things, circling your head after talking out in class?
Solution! Raise your hand above your head before speaking. This applies
pressure on yor Adam's Apple where Mouth Moths reside.

Here's the song Mouth Moths (video)! Listen and watch















Math Rashes:

Warning to teachers! What can happen to your class if you assign too much mathwork during the school day? Your students could break out in Math Rashes -itchy, red blemishes in the shape of math symbols! If this happens there's only one cure. You should assign your class to go outside at once and play!

Here's the song Math Rashes (video)! Listen and watch




 Text © by Douglas Evans
 Illustrations ©Larry  Di Fiori
 All rights reserved