Math Rashes, and Other Classroom Tales:           

Math Rashes, and Other Classroom Tales
Front Street Books
Fall 2000 $15.95 160 pages 5 5/8 x 8 1/4
Ages 8 and up ISBN 1-886910-66-9
Reprinted: Scholastic Signature 2000

Book Description: Familiar characters like Motormouth Morgan and Richard the Bully, unknowingly under the spell of W.T. Melon, the man whose portrait hangs in the hallway of the school, learn various lessons about school and about life as their normal school routines are turned upside down and inside out. Magical events bring inanimate objects to life—lunchboxes, playground equipment, mealworms, and pencil sharpeners teach their own lessons … not at all by the book. Each of these stories conveys a subtle lesson about the nature of schools, teachers, kids, and learning itself.

Reviews: From Booklist: Gr. 2-4. Homework makes no sense to Hari. Consequently, he eagerly trades one of his five senses to a gnome for doing his lessons. That arrangement works well--until he unwittingly trades away his common sense. The jungle gym, the teeter-totter, and other equipment turn tables on the playground bully; and a mealworm named Bob helps a little girl spell accurately. These are only a few of the wacky takeoffs on third-grade experiences that will have readers laughing out loud. Cleverly disguising lessons on good school behavior in plays on words, fantasy, and humor, these imaginative stories delightfully re-create recognizable school situations and characters. Ellen Mandy Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

From Hornbook: After the ““New-School-Year Moon”” hangs over the third grade classroom, strange things happen. Andrew, who wastes time doodling, finds that his doodles take over the classroom, and Kate learns the importance of spelling accurately from her science-experiment mealworm. Each chapter, a short story, is a comical, though somewhat heavy-handed, episode of magical intervention teaching students (and a new teacher) good behavior. Copyright © 2001 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

Author Comment: Here’s a sequel to Classroom at the End of the Hall.  I still enjoy visiting classrooms and collecting more stories about WT Melons magic.  Students often help me with ideas