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Douglas Evans
Berkeley, CA 94705
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Douglas Evans
 Avocational Interests: travel, music composition, opera, hiking, camping.
 Home and Office: Berkeley, CA 94705
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*Classroom at the End of the Hall, illustrated by Larry Di Fiori, Front Street, 1996
*So What Do You Do?, Front Street, 1997.
*Apple Island, or, The Truth About Teachers, Front Street, 1998. 
*The Elevator Family, Delacorte Press, 2000.
*Math Rashes and Other Classroom Tales, Front Street , 2000.
*MVP*: Magellan Voyage Project, Front Street, 2004
*Mouth Moths, More Classroom Tales, Front Street, 2006
*Elevator Family Play  produced by Columbus Children's Theater  February  2011
Also wrote many stories and poems for the Cricket magazine group.
The Elevator Family Musical; MVP:Magellan Voyage Project screenplay
Publisher of WT Melon Publishing wt  "good stories; good tunes"

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apple1 About Douglas Evans' School Visits:
     I enjoy visiting schools. I've done author presentations and writing workshops across the US,in Europe,and in Asia.
Material for my books comes from my travels and twenty years of teaching experience in elementary schools in this country and abroad.
I’ve prepared lively, animated PowerPoint presentations for the primary grades (K-3), and middle grades (4-6)

Download Author Visit Brochure (pdf)


Sidelights From Contemporary Authors

Douglas Evans commented: “Having taught in a wide variety of schools--one in a small logging town, two international schools in Europe, a private school in Berkeley, and one in an upper-class American suburb, I’ve been able to collect many ideas and experiences about children and fellow teachers. For the past twenty summers, I’ve lived in Europe and traveled to over a hundred-twenty countries, where I’ve also gathered material for stories.”

Evans’s experience with a wide variety of children and educational settings forms the basis for the tongue-in- cheek humor of his first published book, The Classroom at the End of the Hall. “Though I finished the book in about a year’s time,” Evans explained to Sally Lodge in a Publishers Weekly interview, “Often writing through the night, I collected bits and pieces of the stories over time. But they are based on types that every teacher knows: the class pain-in-the-neck, the daydreamer, the kid with the desk that is always messy. I’d see these kids year after year and began to think of magical ways that they could solve their problems.”

Pleased with the positive response of students and fellow teachers to his work, Evans commented: “I consider teaching schoolchildren the noblest profession a person can have. I’ve had great fun writing about the classroom and spoofing teachers.”

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